United States acquires a 63rd national park

The 2.3 trillion coronavirus relief package that was signed in December brought a pleasant surprise: a new national park. New River Gorge in West Virginia was designated a national park by the Department of Interior making it the 63rd national park in the country.  “We are excited. For us, it would probably lend more opportunitiesContinue reading “United States acquires a 63rd national park”

How Quarantine Has Affected Mental Health

While COVID-19 has been detrimental for many lives, the pandemic has affected less talked about areas such as mental health. We have seen a surge of mental health issues due to quarantine. This is a subject that often goes un-talked about because of the stigma behind it but Emeka and Caleb shared their story.  EmekaContinue reading “How Quarantine Has Affected Mental Health”

A plant-based diet might help reduce carbon footprint

Global warming has exponentially increased in the past ten years. Society is evolving into becoming more environmentally friendly by recycling, composting and thrifting. However, another way to reduce your carbon footprint can be to reduce your daily meat intake.  Gloria Sanchez, a Brownsville, Texas resident, has been a vegan for about three years but that’sContinue reading “A plant-based diet might help reduce carbon footprint”

Athlete Spotlight: Cameron Jackson

Article published in The Forum Student Newspaper Cameron Jackson, a sprinter for the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, has been recognized with the Freshman of the Year award for the 2021 Sun Belt Conference Indoor Track Awards. He is the first freshman in the history of UA Little Rock to receive this award. “ItContinue reading “Athlete Spotlight: Cameron Jackson”

Women’s History Month: Celebrating women in leadership who are making a difference

Article published in The Forum Student Newspaper Women’s History Month celebrations date back to 1978 when it started as a local celebration in Santa Rosa, California. Eventually, in 1980, the fight for this celebration to become nationwide was successfully lobbied and then-President Jimmy Carter issued the first Presidential Proclamation declaring the Week of March 8,Continue reading “Women’s History Month: Celebrating women in leadership who are making a difference”

COVID-19 Breaks Spring Break

Article published in The Forum Student Newspaper. The pandemic has affected a lot of people’s lives in various ways. For students, their college experience has been virtually non-existent due to online classes and the cancelation of on-campus events. Spring break is a big deal for students because it is a time to get away forContinue reading “COVID-19 Breaks Spring Break”

How to Have a Long-Lasting Relationship

The thought of being with someone for eternity might seem a daunting task to some and even seem an unattainable one to others, especially with the dating culture that has been prevalent for the past few years. However, 30 years ago circumstances were different but love still prevailed. How does the relationship keep working afterContinue reading “How to Have a Long-Lasting Relationship”

Depression in the Mexican Culture

The Latinx culture has historically stigmatized mental illness. Many relate mental illness to loco (Spanish for crazy) and some don’t acknowledge it as a mental health disorder in fear of being judged. It is one of the most stigmatized topics within the Hispanic community, but that has to change. We have to be open andContinue reading “Depression in the Mexican Culture”

A look at Dr. Drale’s first year as chancellor at UALR

Article published in The Forum Student Newspaper. Christina Drale, Ph.D. was named chancellor back in September of 2019. Since then, a lot has progressed for UA Little Rock. Dr. Drale’s first year as chancellor was like no other, but she and the university persevered with the positive encouragement she received from students and staff. With aContinue reading “A look at Dr. Drale’s first year as chancellor at UALR”

Dr. Donna Kelly will be missed by many

Article published in The Forum Student Newspaper. Dr. Donna Kelly, a loving and caring professor, passed away at the end of August after a short-term battle with cancer. She was the associate professor in the Department of Speech-Language Pathology and coordinator for the Communication Sciences and Disorders program – a valuable and unforgettable part of UA LittleContinue reading “Dr. Donna Kelly will be missed by many”